Does your lifestyle keep you away from home too long to take care of your dog, making it impossible to take your dog walking? Today’s life can be frantic and with everything that’s going on, dog owners often find themselves in need of help. Luckily, there are dog walking services that can help. You can set things up with your favorite dog walker to come to your home and ensure that your beloved pups get the break, playtime and exercise they need.

A typical visit includes:

  • Freshening water bowls
  • Cleaning any pet related messes in your home or on your pet
  • Bringing in mail and/or newspaper
  • General pet care

The table below represents an approximation of prices. Please make sure to check with your pet sitter as to what his or her rates are:

  Daytime After Hours
15 minute visit $15.00 $23.00
30 minute visit $18.00 $26.00
60 minute visit $29.00 $37.00
Dog walking visits are the most most popular services offered by pet sitting companies. Dog walker provide and invaluable service tailor made for the busy professional! On average, mid-day visits between 11:00-3:00 pm are the most sought after since it provides the dogs with an opportunity to interact with people, and get that much needed walk and care, not mentioning some much needed exercise, relief and playtime.

Scheduled and recurrent Dog Walking appointments are discounted and as such more economical for the pet owners. Indeed, ad hoc Dog Walking appointments, ie those that are NOT on a recurring schedule or part of a pet sitting service are more expensive.

The above price range is an approximation of what dog walkers charge for their services. This pricing vary from person to person and may depends on the nature, breed, weight of the dog that needs to be walked.

Additional dogs are priced extra