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Personalized Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services in Miami and surrounding areas, including Shenandoah, Buena Vista, Bayshore, West Little River, Alameda, Coral Terrace, Hialeah, North Miami, Westchester, Golden Glades

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Pet sitters do much more than provide a pet with food and water while their humans are away from home.

A good pet sitter also spends quality time with your pet(s), gives them exercise and knows how to tell if they need veterinary attention. Also, pet sitters typically offer additional services, such as taking in mail and newspapers, taking the trash to the curb and watering plants.

The trained, professional pet sitters who visit your home to care for your animals while you’re away, allow you complete peace of mind knowing that your pets are not only in great hands, but are also relaxing right at home where they’re most comfortable.

That means no kennel cough, no travel stress, and no anxiety from being confined to a pen or small cage or being in a strange place.

And because they care for your animals right in your home, they give your pets the same personal attention you do!

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As per parents, we’re always making sure our furry friends say happy and healthy.

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions affecting our dogs and we are delighted to inform you that we have affiliated ourselves with King Kanine, one of the finest purveyors of quality, natural CBD for Dogs.

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Our Pet Sitters provide personalized care to your pets, in the comfort of your own home.

 Why hire a pet sitter?

  • A pet sitter is a professional who is qualified to care for your pet, while offering you and your pet many benefits.
  • Your pet gets to stay at home, the environment he knows best.
  • Your pet can stay on a regular routine and diet.
  • Your pet experiences less stress from your absence or from other animals in a kennel environment.
  • Equally important, your pet gets attention and exercise while you’re away.

Whether your dog needs a mid-day walk, your cat needs a warm lap, or you need to utilize the full range of services because of a vacation, business trip, or any other reason, our goals are your pets care, safety, well-being, and  especially your peace of mind.

Most Pet Sitters are fully Insured on behalf of your pet(s) and property.  More often than none, they are a proud member of Pet Sitters International (PSI).

Some of them are Certified Professional Pet Sitters by PSI, experienced with the administration of insulin injections and prescription medicines. And have passed a comprehensive background check through PSI

Why hiring a pet sitter makes sense?

  • No Kennels
  • No Boarding
  • No Travel Trauma

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