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Personalized Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services in Miami and surrounding areas, including Shenandoah, Buena Vista, Bayshore, West Little River, Alameda, Coral Terrace, Hialeah, North Miami, Westchester, Golden Glades

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Pet Sitting: Getting Started

Purr*fect Pet Sitting in Miami, Florida offers loving pet care in your own home at very affordable prices. We will maintain your pets’ healthy diet, daily routine, playtime activities and personal attention when you can’t be there. We devote the type of individual attention that a boarding kennel or a neighbor can’t guarantee. We will spend quality time with your furry friends while following his or her normal routine.

Realizing that no two homes or two pets are alike, we offer a wide variety of pet sitting services to fit your needs; you specify your pets’ care plan and we follow it!

Procedures for Visits:

The first thing that we do during each visit is make sure that:

  • Your pets are alert and appear to be healthy
  • That there is adequate food and water
  • That the pet environment (home, yard, kennel/crate, etc.) is secure

Next, we engage the pets in their normal routine, such as:

  • Play time in the yard
  • Neighborhood walk
  • Lap time for smaller pets
  • Administer special vitamins or medication

Then, at your request, we will:

  • Check the mail
  • Pick up the newspapers
  • Water the houseplants
  • Cycle the lights, TV, and/or radio (to discourage burglaries or comfort your pets)

Finally, and possibly the most important part of each visit:

We make every effort to keep your pets from feeling that they have been abandoned, and that their parents will be returning soon.

Procedures for Setting up Service:

  • An interview will be conducted before the first pet care visit where a contract will be filled out by the pet sitter specifying the details of pet, house care and fees.
  • The contract will be used for future services and will allow The Pet Care Specialist to accept telephone reservations for these services. Employees or independent contractors may then enter the premises as specified by the telephone reservation without additional signed contracts. Any additional visits made or services performed shall be paid for at the agreed upon contract rate.
  • The contract authorizes the pet sitter to perform care and services as outlined in the contract. In the event of an emergency, all attempts will be made to contact the pet’s guardian. The client’s signature authorizes emergency veterinary care, releasing The Pet Care Specialist from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment, and expense. Should the specified veterinarian be unavailable, the pet sitter is authorized to engage the services of the vet of their choice, and approve any medical and/or emergency treatment recommended by a vet. The client agrees to reimburse The Pet Care Specialist for expenses incurred, plus any additional fees for attending to treatment and transportation, as well as expenses incurred for any other food/ home supplies needed.
  • Any visit made by the pet sitter, regardless of the clients early arrival or late departure, will be considered services rendered and will be charged accordingly, unless they have notified the company or assigned pet sitter at least 24 hours in advance.
  • In the event of inclement weather, the pet sitter is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for pets and home.
  • The client takes full responsibility for prompt payment of fees. A finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% annum) will be added to unpaid balances after 30 days. A handling fee of $25.00 will be charged on all returned checks. One-half (1/2) advance deposit is required on lengthy assignments and clients with a history of late payment will be required to pay in advance before services are rendered.If any pet is to be left outside, whether loose or in a yard, the client must sign a waiver on the contract stating that The Pet Care Specialist cannot be held liable for any injury to the pet or loss of the pet while the pet is not in the immediate control of the pet sitter.
  • Purr*fect Pet Sitting, its employees and independent contractors agree to provide services as stated in the contract in a reliable, caring, and trustworthy manner.

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Personalized Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services in Miami, Florida and surrounding areas, including [location}.